Laser Canadian Championships

124 Entries for this Event
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Fleet Country Sail No. Skipper / Crew Club / Hometown Website Paid
Laser CAN 208878 Anderson, Gordie DYC / Halifax Yes
Laser CAN 210653 Aulthouse, Brendan OST Yes
Laser USA 182764 Burroughs, Nicholas GLR / Stamford Yes
Laser CAN 206718 Collinson, Scott RCYC / Toronto Yes
Laser CAN 206719 Collinson , Noah OST/RCYC / toronto Yes
Laser CAN 200109 Craig, Ian BYC / Ottawa Yes
Laser CAN 166906 Davies, Ray ROYAL WATER RAT / Toronto Yes
Laser CAN 201240 Deschambeault, Denys MULTIVOILES / Trois-Rivieres Yes
Laser USA 199544 Didham, Paul MISSION BAY YC / san diego Yes
Laser CAN 160929 Dormoy, Philippe BYC / Ile Bizard Yes
Laser CAN 209618 Fitzgerald, Franco RNSYS / Halifax Yes
Laser BAR 160107 Gittens, Scott BYC / Bridgetown Yes
Laser USA 185509 Grace, David SEVERN SAILING / Vienna Yes
Laser CAN 196060 Graham, Nicholas EYC / Toronto Yes
Laser CAN 204465 Grenke, Matthäus RCYC / Toronto Yes
Laser USA 209289 Hurley, Peter MANTOLOKING / New York Yes
Laser CAN 210644 Juhasz, James ONTARIO SAILING / Oakville Yes
Laser CAN 196100 Kanarek, Andrew EYC/SRSA/RKR Yes
Laser USA USA 199796 Lamphere, Malcolm LGYC / CYC / Lake Forest Yes
Laser CAN 200199 Macrae, Hugh KYC / Kingston Yes
Laser USA USA 209071 Marshall, Henry Newton Yes
Laser USA USA 195876 Marshall, Jack Newton Yes
Laser USA 208838 matan, Mike RYA / new York Yes
Laser CAN 173996 McKenzie, Bill PATSPLACE / Severn Yes
Laser USA 210667 Mienville, Darius LFS / Lake Forest Yes
Laser CAN 208550 Muru, Matti BOULEVARD CLUB / toronto Yes
Laser CAN 206118 Norton, justin BYC website Yes
Laser MEX 188655 Perez Soltero, Juan Ignacio SAN CRISTOBAL S / guadalajara website Yes
Laser USA 210459 Rasmussen, Scott LYC / cape coral Yes
Laser USA 210331 Reidel, Hendrik SAINT FRANCIS Y / Reno Yes
Laser USA 209383 Robinson, Caleb SAILMAINE / Falmouth Yes
Laser CAN 196821 Roy, Andy SSC / Peterborough Yes
Laser CAN 209376 Ruitenberg, Luke RNSYS / Head of St Margarets Yes
Laser CAN 204809 shebib, leo BYC OTTAWA / ottawa Yes
Laser CAN 200182 Sheppard, Bradley SYC / Sudbury Yes
Laser USA 210643 Shields, Carson LAKEWOOD YACHT / Clear Lake Shores Yes
Laser CAN 198057 Sudds, Kyle BQYC / belleville Yes
Laser CAN 210646 Thomas, Michael PCYC / Pointe-Claire Yes
Laser CAN 199978 van Rossem, Chris WATER RATS / Toronto Yes
Laser CAN 209616 Wachholz, Forrest OST/BARRIE YC / barrie Yes
Laser CAN 204462 Wachholz, Pat BYC / Innisfil Yes
Laser CAN 206120 Ward, Carter OST / oakville Yes
Laser CAN 200198 Warner, Rowan BYC / Clayton Yes
Laser CAN 209075 Welsh, Gord SLYC / Peterborough Yes
Laser CAN 209346 wiersma, Kevin RHYC Yes
Laser USA 210460 Wilson, Gage ESC / Cape Coral Yes
Laser USA 200859 Yoslov, Caleb SFYC / Corte Madera website Yes
Laser 4.7 USA USA 209385 Carron, Anna CSYC / Grosse Pointe Park Yes
Laser 4.7 CAN 203641 Irvine, Julia RNSYS / Halifax Yes
Laser 4.7 CAN 19993 Kazmer-Shishis, Maia BYC / Kanata Yes
Laser 4.7 CAN 13 Savard, Chalres RCYC / Toronto Yes
Laser 4.7 CAN 201882 Stevens, Matthew RNSYS / HALIFAX Yes
Laser 4.7 USA 175588 Totman, Mack IHYC / Summit Yes
Laser 4.7 CAN 181207 Valcourt, Benjamin RSTLYC / Kirkland Yes
Radial open CAN 193347 Anderson, Ryan RNSYS / Halifax Yes
Radial open CAN 20446 Austin, Mackenzie HYC / Hudson Yes
Radial open CAN 206104 Bernard, Poet ABYC / toronto Yes
Radial open CAN 200565 Bruce, Cameron OST / PCYC / Mississauga Yes
Radial open CAN 209705 Bruce, Harrison BHYC / Oakville website Yes
Radial open CAN 209687 Burns, Evan RNSYS / Halifax Yes
Radial open CAN 182395 chambers, Frances SBYC / westmount Yes
Radial open CAN 209381 Cohen, Jordan KYC / Kingston Yes
Radial open USA 209318 Collins, Quinn BHYC / Summit Yes
Radial open CAN 190230 Collinson, Livia RCYC / toronto Yes
Radial open CAN 203832 Cowper, Stuart ottawa Yes
Radial open BER 208104 Cutler, Felix RBYC/RCYC / Toronto Yes
Radial open CAN 206112 Davies, Colin RCYC / Toronto Yes
Radial open CAN 195581 Dejean, Hunter OST/ABYC / Toronto Yes
Radial open CAN 201205 Doell, Ian OST/ABYC / TORONTO Yes
Radial open CAN 190852 Erisoglu-Akyildiz, Kayra BYC / OTTAWA Yes
Radial open USA 194236 Escudero, Daniel BQYC/ATLANTA YC / Peachtree City Yes
Radial open USA 204841 Fasolo, Alex BAY HEAD YACHT / Pennington Yes
Radial open USA 203931 Finkelstein , Ben GRYC / Ada Yes
Radial open CAN 188649 Finkle, Matthew BHYC / Oakville Yes
Radial open USA 20058 Foox, Will SFYC/GCYSA / Lafayette Yes
Radial open USA 192867 Fuller, Emily BHYC / Brielle Yes
Radial open CAN 209350 George, Benjamin RNSYS/SMSC / Glen Haven Yes
Radial open USA 187322 Glenn, Jack CAROLINA YC NC/ / orlando Yes
Radial open CAN 207232 Gravely, Clara OST/ABYC / Toronto Yes
Radial open CAN 204460 Grenke, Maximillian RCYC / Toronto Yes
Radial open CAN 194158 Harries, Michael PCYC / Beaconsfield Yes
Radial open USA 210536 Harris, Scott CYC-NC / Wilmington Yes
Radial open USA 210663 Hatter, Taisei SDYC / San Diego Yes
Radial open CAN 207292 Hebert, Rafael BYC / Kanata Yes
Radial open CAN 209679 Hollett, Sophie RNSYS / Halifax Yes
Radial open USA 206054 Huttunen, Marcus MBYC/GCYSA / San Diego Yes
Radial open CAN 284461 Juhasz, Ellen BHYC/OSDT / Oakville Yes
Radial open CAN 191993 King, Willem St Lazare Yes
Radial open CAN 200189 Kirkpatrick, Kimberley BHYC/OST / Oakville Yes
Radial open CAN 208747 Kwasniewski, Matthew BYC / Ottawa Yes
Radial open CAN 149870 Larson, Connor RCYC / Greenwich Yes
Radial open CAN CAN 209386 Latka, Bridget ABYC/OST / Toronto Yes
Radial open CAN 207239 Luczynski, Henryk BQYC / Stirling Yes
Radial open CAN 209710 MacQuarrie, Alex BHYC / Burlington Yes
Radial open BER 148990 Madeiros, Luke RBYC / Hamilton Yes
Radial open CAN 199395 Mandin, Jack CBYC / Kingston Yes
Radial open CAN 19193 Mandin, Jayna KYC / Kingston Yes
Radial open CAY 203920 McGillivray , Drake BHYC / Burlington Yes
Radial open USA 196143 McJones, Gavin CALYC / Rancho Palos Verdes Yes
Radial open CAN 209696 Morland, Timothy EYC/SRSA / Etobicoke Yes
Radial open CAN 196087 Murdoch, Fergus KYC / Kingston Yes
Radial open CAN 210678 Newbigging, Owen KYC / Kingston Yes
Radial open CAN 187230 O'Brien, Nicholas RCYC / Toronto Yes
Radial open ESP ESP 209225 Parkinson, David ABYC / Toronto Yes
Radial open CAN 206536 Qu, Julian RNSYS / halifax Yes
Radial open USA 195967 Quinn, Thomas BHYC / Bay Head Yes
Radial open USA 206576 Rasse, Bastien CALYC / Long Beach Yes
Radial open CAN 193296 Ristoff, Ethan ABYC / Toronto Yes
Radial open CAN 210716 Robin, Marc Andrew RSTLYC / Pointe Claire Yes
Radial open JPN 188886 Sakai, Ryosuke CPYC / Adtiria Yes
Radial open CAN 193947 Savard, Catherine RCYC / Toronto Yes
Radial open CAN 203919 Schramm, David NSC / Ottawa Yes
Radial open CAN 193288 Sears, Claire RNSYS/RYC / Quispamsis Yes
Radial open CAN 204461 Snyder, Ava Burlington Yes
Radial open CAN 204459 Staples, William RST / Beaconsfield Yes
Radial open CAN 208482 Stefaniuk, Tayte RNSYS, DOSC / Dubai Yes
Radial open NZL 191021 Stewart, Lachie Paget Yes
Radial open USA 199141 Talbot, Alexandra OCYC / Mattituck Yes
Radial open USA 211535 Trammell, Bryan GCYSA/TCYC / Houston Yes
Radial open CAN 199376 van Rossem, Oliver ABYC / Toronto Yes
Radial open CAN CAN 203632 Vittecoq, Coralie PCYC / Montreal-West website Yes
Radial open CAN 187206 Weaver, Katherine KYC / Bethesda Yes
Radial open CAN 170764 Whitmore, Dale RHYC/OST / Hamilton Yes
Radial open CAN 182719 Wittmann, Samuel BYC / Ottawa Yes