227 Entries for this Event
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Fleet Country Sail No. Skipper / Crew Club / Hometown Website Paid
49er CAN CAN 049 Beaton, Colin / Miskey, Scott BYC / Midhurst Yes
49er CAN CAN 514 brodeur, michael / Inkpen, Dan website Yes
49er CAN USA 1105 Yates, Andrew / Curtis, John KYC / kingston Yes
49er ZIM 04 Dube Boucher, Philippe / Beaulieu, Laurent-David ECOVOILE Yes
49er CAN CAN1135 Ehvert, Paul / Ehvert, Peter RCYC/KYC / Toronto Yes
49er CAN 311 Ferguson, John / Ferguson, Arthur RCYC / Toronto website Yes
49er CAN 887 GRAVELLE, BEN / o'brien, spencer BS&BC / BURLINGTON Yes
49er CAN CAN 707 Gustin, Sam / Woodbury, Ian RVYC / Vancouver Yes
49er CAN 905 Mori, David / Barnes, Justin RCYC / Oakville Yes
49er CAN BER 1042 Morrin, Mac / kayser, Sean KYC / Kingston website Yes
49er CAN 98 Gooderham, Billy / Phillips, Fielding Toronto Yes
49er CAN 1096 Stranix, Alexandre / Chouinard, Alex Yes
49er CAN 1268 Throop, Paul / Throop, Alex RCYC/OYS website Yes
49er FX CAN 821 Berry, Erin / Merry, Ingrid RCYC/RVICYC / OAKVILLE website Yes
49er FX CAN CAN812 Rafuse, Erin / Boyd, Danielle RNSYS/KYC / Halifax website Yes
49er FX CAN 8 Flanagan, Timma / Ziarko, Isabelle RCYC / Toronto Yes
49er FX CAN 81 sawyer, cameron / Flinn, Max RNSYS / chester Yes
49er FX CAN CAN 514 Morgan, Arielle / myatt, heather RSTLYC / Westmount website Yes
49er FX CAN 215 Alary, Marie-Pier / yeo, katie EVO/ GRYC / chelsea Yes
Albacore USA 8023 Allen, Nicholas / Will, Farley PRSA / Arlington Yes
Albacore CAN 6857 Balinski, Marek / Barretto, Cheryl OHCC / Toronto Yes
Albacore CAN 8174 Bartlewski, Robert / Recaman, Felipe MSC / Port Credit Yes
Albacore CAN 8204 Brothers, Gregory / Mangos, Maria JTOWN / Toronto Yes
Albacore CAN 7419 Clarke, Ken / WHITE, CATHYANN OHCC / Beamsville Yes
Albacore USA 8199 Duncan, Peter / Williamson, Jill WRSC / Severna Park Yes
Albacore CAN 7243 Brayshaw, Ian / Gibbons, Jenny Yes
Albacore COK 8207 Giovando, Liana / Udale-Cough, Thomas SJTSC / Toronto Yes
Albacore CAN 7960 Glass, Ralph / Evans, Jennifer SJTSC / Toronto Yes
Albacore USA USA 8200 harris, barney / Byron, David Yes
Albacore CAN 8164 Newton, Frank / Kelly, Christine MSC Yes
Albacore CAN 7982 Krause, Jeff / Sepko, Anna Yes
Albacore CAN 8179 Macaulay, Peter / Tang, Felix ST JAMESTOWN / Toronto Yes
Albacore CAN 8178 Maslowski, Chris / Bennet, Chris SJTSC / Toronto website Yes
Albacore CAN 8205 McGregor, Kirk / Baker, Tannis SJTSC / Toronto Yes
Albacore CAN 8161 Measor, Allan / Piercey, Richard ST.JAMESTOWN / toronto Yes
Albacore CAN 8175 Neumann, Mary / manrique, jaclyn JTOWN / Toronto Yes
Albacore CAN 8144 Pearson, Graham / Ganagarajah, Shobini STJSC / Toronto Yes
Albacore CAN 8202 Robertson, Steve / McMahon, Mary MSC Yes
Albacore USA 8191 Spruill, Sterling / Spruill, Sydney HYC / Suffolk Yes
Albacore CAN 8198 Stanley, James / Stewart, Julie OHCC / Toronto Yes
Albacore CAN 8013 woodford, tim / woodford, curtis QUEENS RECREATI / mersey point Yes
Albacore CAN 8167 Yamazaki, Ken / Pashleigh, Lynn J-TOWN / Toronto Yes
Albacore CAN 7363 Monster, Darren / Zakrajsek, Tony OHCC Yes
Bic 293 CAN CAN 1 Swaelens, Anthony CVDM / NDIP Yes
Coach CAN 0 Harrison, Vaughn website  No 
F18 CAN CAN 112 Boueilh, Anthony / Loiselle, Maxime BDB / Quebec Yes
F18 CAN 111 Delisle, Serge / Gingras, Sandra CNBB / St-Isidore Yes
F18 CAN 101 Robichaud, Dominique / Denis-Robichaud, Jose WRSC / Guelph Yes
F18 USA USA 11 Easton, Michael / Burd, Tripp NENSA / Burlington website Yes
F18 USA USA1273 Majer, Jan / Funk, Karl SAIL NEWPORT / Newport Yes
F18 CAN 650 Kubik, Adam / Gajda, Rafal Yes
F18 CAN CAN 666 Mergl, Martin / Durocher, Karine Laval Yes
F18 USA 258 Moore, Oliver / Neri, Danielle Warren Yes
F18 CAN 443 Pilon, Olivier / Desrochers , Jean-Pierre SEXTANT MARINE / St-Jean Yes
F18 USA USA 316 Riccardi, Todd / Moulder, Chris SAIL NEWPORT / Quincy Yes
F18 CAN CAN69 Rivest, Maxime / Lapierre, Frederic Montreal Yes
F18 USA 1719 Tartaglino, Sandra / Shafer, Alex NENSA / Tiverton Yes
F18 USA 1620 Toland, Blair / Gintere, Bea SAIL NEWPORT / Cambridge Yes
F18 USA 21 Zellmer, Jim / valante, joe NENSA / bridgewater Yes
Finn CAN 11 cameron, jim TBYC / thunder bay Yes
Finn CAN DOUGLAS OLYMPIC Douglas, Greg RCYC / Toronto website Yes
Finn CAN CAN99 Finch, Riley PCYC / Oakville Yes
Finn USA USA75 Hunter, James BUCCANEER / Mobile Yes
Finn USA USA5 Landeau, Steve Pooler Yes
Finn CAN CAN2 Martin, Kyle ROYAL VANCOUVER / Vancouver Yes
Finn CAN 110 Robitaille, Martin RCYC/ CVL / Deux-Montagnes website Yes
Finn USA USA 40 rudinsky, chuck Exeter Yes
Finn CAN USA 22 van Wonderen, Simon TS&CC / Toronto Yes
International 14 CAN CAN 612 Bradly, David / viets, peter NSC / Ottawa Yes
International 14 CAN 16171 Cuthbertson, Morgan / millen, liam RCYC / Toronto Yes
International 14 CAN CAN 605 Cuthbertson, Scott / carnella, max RCYC / Toronto Yes
International 14 CAN CAN616 Lemieux, Jason / laventure, lauren RCYC Yes
International 14 CAN 618 Loffree, Greg / gareth, ryan RCYC / Toronto Yes
International 14 CAN 1135 Mah, Stephanie / chiddy, joshua OHCC / Toronto Yes
International 14 CAN 610 mcghan , doug / davidge, matthew NSC / Ottawa website Yes
International 14 CAN CAN 619 Struthers, Ian / cunningham, dan RCYC / Toronto Yes
International 14 CAN CAN 599 Wynott, Ryan / shaner, kate RCYC / Toronto Yes
KONA CAN 1371 Campbell, Colin Toronto Yes
KONA CAN 2007 Collins, Rick BYC / Ottawa Yes
KONA CAN 2050 Cox, Nick TWC / Inglewood Yes
KONA CAN 2031 Dagenais, Denis BYC / Gatineau Yes
KONA CAN 1676 Darling, Johnc Toronto Yes
KONA CAN 1470 Feder, Jack Toronto Yes
KONA USA 1346 Fox, Michael Excelsior Yes
KONA CAN 1899 Gauthier, Andree TWC / Toronto Yes
KONA CAN 2040 Gendron, Julie MULTIVOILES, / Drummondville Yes
KONA USA 2137 Gottlieb, Steve South Daytona Yes
KONA CAN 1007 Graves, Don kingston Yes
KONA CAN 1707 Keltz, Michael Yes
KONA CAY 1702 Lavrynenko Jr, Artem Yes
KONA CAN 1332 Lavrynenko Sr. , Artem TWC / Brampton Yes
KONA CAN 2033 Mew, Robert Toronto Yes
KONA USA 2020 sayre, Nevin VINEYARD HAVEN Yes
KONA CAN 1988 Shuttleworth, Bob Yes
KONA USA 2234 Steward, Cody Orlando Yes
KONA CAN 2113 Todd, Stephanie TWC / Holland Landing Yes
KONA CAN 1249 Whiston, Keith TWC / Scarborough Yes
Laser CAN 204077 Aulthouse, Brendan Yes
Laser USA 194180 Barnard, Christopher NHYC/ABYC / Newport Beach website Yes
Laser CAN 205513 Barry, Daniel SARNIA YC / Petrolia Yes
Laser CAN 169608 Brooman, John BYC / Ottawa Yes
Laser CAN 195938 Collinson, Scott RCYC / Toronto Yes
Laser USA 153117 David, Joseph ODU / Norfolk Yes
Laser CAN 207130 Davis, Robert KINGSTON YC / R / Kingston website Yes
Laser CAN 201240 Deschambeault, Denys MULTIVOILES / Trois-Rivieres Yes
Laser CAN 195601 Elliott, Ian RVICYC, CYC / Chestermere website Yes
Laser USA 180509 Ferguson, Scott SAIL NEWPORT Yes
Laser USA 196283 Fields, Nathan OLD DOMINION UN Yes
Laser CAN 205444 Fritz, Dominic ROYAL VAN YC / Coquitlam Yes
Laser CAN 206171 Gallant, Max ROYAL VICTORIA / Victoria Yes
Laser CAN 190286 Garvey, Braden BYC / Ashton Yes
Laser USA 197565 Hemming, Rob SDYC / San Diego Yes
Laser BER 15 HIllier, Kalin St.Georges Yes
Laser CAN 196074 Howarth, Michael BHYC / Burlington Yes
Laser USA 207223 USA Kirby, Brandon LYC / Palm Beach Shores Yes
Laser USA 198358 Kiss, Mitchell MBYC / YCYC / Holland Yes
Laser CAN 200598 Klotz, Chris BYC / Ottawa Yes
Laser CAN 203957 Lalonde, Robert OST / FBYC / Pickering Yes
Laser CAN CAN 195672 Levac, Jean NSC / Ottawa Yes
Laser TRI 184116 Lewis, Andrew Port Of Spain Yes
Laser USA 190477 Lounsbury, Ethan ODU Yes
Laser CAN 200199 Macrae, Hugh Kingston Yes
Laser CAN 198041 Malleson, Michael KYC / Kingston Yes
Laser CAN 191523 Mamon , Maciej SLCYC Yes
Laser CAN 197731 McLaughlin, Evert RCYC / Toronto Yes
Laser USA 191997 Muller, Luke LYC / Fort Pierce website Yes
Laser CAN 196087 Murdoch, Ross KYC / Kingston Yes
Laser CAN 206568 Myerscough, Reece RVIC/RVAN / Victoria Yes
Laser CAN 199395 Norton, Justin BYC Yes
Laser CAN 197120 Parkhill, Lee RCYC/OYS / Oakville Yes
Laser BER 188996 Pimentel, Cameron RBYC / HAMILTON Yes
Laser CAN 181191 Ramshaw, Tom SLYC / Toronto Yes
Laser USA 199350 rizika, jake WYC/YCA Yes
Laser CAN 196821 Roy, Andy Peterborough Yes
Laser CAN 206606 Ruitenberg, Luke RNSYS / Head of St Margarets Yes
Laser CAN 197116 Ryder, Matthew SLYC / Toronto website Yes
Laser CAN 195642 Schmitt, Simon CYC, SALSA Yes
Laser CAN 203914 Sherar, Matthew ABYC / Toronto Yes
Laser CAN 204237 Smith, Nick RVICYC / Victoria Yes
Laser CAN 197046 Sorensen, Adam RVICYC / Kelowna Yes
Laser CAN 203944 Stanley, James OHCC / Toronto Yes
Laser CAN 207248 Sullivan, Victor CVL, RSTLYC / Montreal Yes
Laser ISV 204048 Thompson, Cy ST THOMAS YACHT / Barrington website Yes
Laser CAN 203918 Wachholz, Forrest BARRIE YC / barrie Yes
Laser CAN 204462 Wachholz, Pat BARRIE YACHT CL / Barrie Yes
Laser USA 188663 Weis, Erik LAUDERDALE YC / Ft. Lauderdale Yes
Laser CAN 195930 Wiersma, Kevin RHYC , OST / Burlington Yes
Laser CAN 206123 Wood, Bryant RNSYS Yes
Radial female CAN 20446 Abelson, Rebecca RSTLYC / Montreal Yes
Radial female TRI TRI75070 Arrindell, Kelly-Ann TTSA Yes
Radial female CAN 204468 Bowskill, Brenda RCYC / Whitby website Yes
Radial female CAN 191531 Dewey, Maura RVYC / Victoria Yes
Radial female CAN 206104 Douglas, Sarah ABYC / Toronto Yes
Radial female CAN 204773 Lewin-LaFrance, Holly Antonia RNSYS/CHESTER / Chester Yes
Radial female CAN 193977 Linton, Hayley RVANYC / North Vancouver Yes
Radial female CAN 192023 Merry, Claire RCYC/OYS / Oakville website Yes
Radial female USA 199535 Neville, Christine SAIL NEWPORT / Middletown website Yes
Radial female USA 205458 Rizika, Gabrielle WIANNO / Brookline Yes
Radial female USA 180087 Sakellaris, Christina LYC / MILTON Yes
Radial female CAN 193288 Sears, Claire RNSYS / Quispamsis Yes
Radial female CAN 195591 Stafford, Violet RCYC/KYC / Scarborough website Yes
Radial female CAN 105583 Stewart, Julie OHCC / Toronto Yes
Radial female USA 190436 Tillinghast, Alexandra AYC / New York Yes
Radial female CAN 206065 Ungar, Ellie ROYAL VANCOUVER / Kirkland Yes
Radial female USA 194042 Weaver, Hanne RVYC, SYC / Gig Harbor Yes
Radial open USA 175143 Aronsson, Peter CBYC / Whitefish Yes
Radial open CAN 204470 Bilgen, Derin RCYC / Toronto Yes
Radial open USA 194486 Blouin, Conner DIYC / Tampa Yes
Radial open CAN 204235 Borjiet, Boyd RVYC / West Vancouver Yes
Radial open CAN 199318 Brown, Alex CBSC / Comox Yes
Radial open USA 194504 Chicoine, Alec RNSYS, HSC / Westerville Yes
Radial open CAN 191978 Collinson, Noah RCYC / Toronto Yes
Radial open CAN 188924 Dawson, William WPG SAILING CEN / Argyle Yes
Radial open CAN 198624 Donaldson, Jim RVYC / West Vancouver Yes
Radial open CAN 193995 Dunn, Nathan RNSYS / Bedford Yes
Radial open CAN 204459 Ellemers, Berg KYC / Kingston Yes
Radial open CAN 188125 Fritz, Alexander ROYAL VAN YC / Coquitlam Yes
Radial open CAN 193318 Harrison, Luke CYC / Calgary Yes
Radial open CAN 200552 Horsburgh, kieran ROYAL VICTORIA / Duncan Yes
Radial open CAN 194233 Jenkins, Michael OST/OTTAWA / Ottawa Yes
Radial open USA 196855 Johnson, Wills NHYC / Newport Beach Yes
Radial open CAN 192029 Jones, Will RNSYS / Jerseyville Yes
Radial open CAN 206058 Karim, Fillah WVYC AND RVYC website Yes
Radial open CAN 193362 Koch, Adam PCYC / Guelph Yes
Radial open CAN 203652 Krawchuk, Colin WSC / East St. Paul Yes
Radial open CAN 204807 Lawford-Wickham, Aidan KYC / Kingston Yes
Radial open USA 199796 Levine, Lawson Highland Park Yes
Radial open CAN 190252 Magi, Aleksander RCYC/FBYC / Pickering website Yes
Radial open CAN 19193 Mandin, Jack KYC / Kingston Yes
Radial open USA USA 195876 Marshall, Jack FAST / Auburndale Yes
Radial open USA USA 200213 Marshall, William FAST / Auburndale Yes
Radial open CAN 191487 Martineau-Cammalleri, Vincent RSTLYC / Pointe-Claire Yes
Radial open CAN 195591 Miller, Geordie BYC / Barrie Yes
Radial open CAN 207233 Muru, Matti OST / toronto Yes
Radial open CAN 200128 Orsoni-Wiemer, Nick Beaconsfield Yes
Radial open CAN 186596 Owen, John RVICYC / Victoria Yes
Radial open CAN 201291 Pasquin, Philppe RSTLYC / montreal Yes
Radial open IVB IVB194538 Putley, Jason RBVIYC / Road Town, Tortola, Yes
Radial open USA 205460 rizika, Benjamin WIANNO / chestnut hill Yes
Radial open CAN 204806 Robertson, Cole KYC / Waterloo Yes
Radial open USA 131019 Vandlik, Conrad MYC/LMSS / Tonka Bay Yes
Radial open GBR 182587 Whitrow, Duncan NSC / Ashton Yes
Radial open USA 190468 Willard, Lawson SFYC, STFYC Yes
Radial open USA 190468 Willard, Lawson SFYC / STFYC / San Francisco Yes
RSX Board CAN CAN65 Bonneau-Charland, Laurence MULTIVOILE website Yes
RSX Board CAN CAN 33 bouchema, Abdelaziz Yes
RSX Board CAN CAN 8 de Alcala, Caroline emmanu CVDM / Val-David Yes
RSX Board CAN CAN 30 DE ALCALA, FANNIE CVDM / val-david Yes
RSX Board EGY EGY 9 Elsafty, Moahmed North Bergen Yes
RSX Board CAN 80 Feder, Zane TWC Yes
RSX Board CAN CAN 51 Fugere, Jean Sebastien MULTIVOILES / Yamachiche Yes
RSX Board CAN 87 Itzhaki, Roy TWC Yes
RSX Board CAN CAN 24 Mew, Olivia OST / Toronto website Yes
RSX Board CAN USA 09 sayre, rasmus VINEYARD HAVEN Yes
RSX Board USA 11 Sayre, Solvig VHYC website Yes
RSX Board USA GRE Verrier Paquette, Frederic Yes
RSX Board CAN CAN 29 Verrier Paquette, Gabriel CVDM / Outremont Yes
Viper 640 USA USA 193 Broszkowski, Peter HAWORTH Yes
Viper 640 CAN 87 Chapman, Steve BYC / Alcove Yes
Viper 640 USA 43 Conger, Steve CSYC Yes
Viper 640 USA 42 Engelhardt, Mark LAKE CHAMPLAIN / Montpelier Yes
Viper 640 CAN 29 Gilbert, Darren FYC / London Yes
Viper 640 CAN 75 Molimard, Alain CNDM / Vaudreuil Yes
Viper 640 CAN CAN 70 Rowlinson, Matt/Mark BHYC Yes