2019* CORK Olympic Classes Regatta-Sail Canada Senior Championshi

74 Entries for this Event
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Fleet Country Sail No. Skipper / Crew Club / Hometown Website Paid
49er CAN 514 Baird, Cameron / Baird, Alec RSTLYC / Beaconsfield Yes
49er CAN 172 Bonin, Sam / Bonin, William RCYC / Toronto website Yes
49er CAN 311 Cote, Thomas / Lloyd, Alexandre PCYC / St.Lazare Yes
49er USA 124 Merson, Sam / Gramm, Severin ODP/MBYC/2NINNE / Delray Beach Yes
49er USA 366 Moran, Ian / Griggs, Abie EDGEWATER YACHT / chagrin falls Yes
49er CAN CAN 210 Jones, Dylan / Kelly, Jon RVYC Yes
49er CAN CAN 401 Moffat, Arie / Moffat, Walker KYC/RCYC / Kingston Yes
49er CAN 00 FARMER, MARC / Parekh, Tej Trevor RSTLYC / Dorva website Yes
49er USA 541 Rasmussen, Scott / TBA, TBA Clearmont Yes
49er CAN CAN334 Richardson, Galen / Adair, Jake RCYC / KYC / Toronto website Yes
49er CAN 226 Wood, Ryan / Wood, Andrew West Vancouver website Yes
49er FX USA 66 Rosenberg, Ben / Glenn, Rachel EYC/EGYC / Danville Yes
49er FX CAN 22 Gogan, Jack / Gillis , Madeline RNSYS / Sydney Yes
49er FX CAN CAN613 Heller, Rebecca / Heller, Albert NSC / Dunrobin Yes
49er FX CAN 514 Kittson, Morgan / Baird, Adrianna RSTLYC / Beaconsfield Yes
49er FX USA NOR 20 Hibben, Charlie / Laurendeau, Jana Drive Yes
49er FX CAN 707 Lewin-LaFrance, Georgia / Lewin-Lafrance, Antonia Chester Yes
49er FX CAN 821 Roosen, Zoe / Tosi, Nick Beaconsfield Yes
49er FX CAN 82 Phillips, Georgia / Staples, Audrey RSTLYC/MTL SKF / Beaconsfield Yes
49er FX CAN 21 Staples, Thomas / Staples, William RSTLYC/MTL SKF / Beaconsfield website Yes
49er FX USA 420 Wilmot, Lucy / Housberg, Nathan RYC / Orinda Yes
Finn USA USA 99 Fuccillo, Stephen ROTHESAY YACHT / Fort Lauderdale Yes
Finn CAN CAN 15 Gallon, Quinton BYC / Ottawa Yes
Finn USA 69 Heimler, Charles BISC / berkeley Yes
Finn USA USA 3 Libcke, Will BEYC / West Bloomfield Yes
Finn USA USA1000 Smeulders, Stephen NOT AFFILIATED / Pittsford website Yes
Finn BRA BRA 44 Vivacqua Jr, Fabiano ICRJ / Coral Gables Yes
Laser USA 184618 Anderson, Charles SSA/WRSC / West River Yes
Laser CAN 206521 Anderson, Ryan RNSYS / Halifax Yes
Laser CAN 209616 Aulthouse, Brendan Yes
Laser CAN 21501 Beylich, Marek RSTLYC / Saint-Lambert Yes
Laser USA 157851 Boucher, Leo SSA / West River Yes
Laser CAN 215019 Bruce, Liam OST/PCYC / Oakville website Yes
Laser CAN 134186 Byles-Ho, Timothy Barrie Yes
Laser USA 207144 Carraway, Chase CYC1853 / WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH Yes
Laser USA 209318 Collins, Quinn TRYC / Summit Yes
Laser CAN 206719 Collinson, Noah RCYC/CSDS Yes
Laser CAN 214633 Gagnon, Pierre-Olivier PCYC / CNDM / Boucherville Yes
Laser BAR 160107 Gittens, Scott BARBADOS YACHT Yes
Laser USA USA 210869 GOLDEN, JAMES ANNAPOLIS YC / Annapolis Yes
Laser USA 208410 Gordon, Richard USCGA / New London Yes
Laser CAY 206120 jackson, jesse CISC Yes
Laser CAN 210644 Juhasz, James ONTARIO SAILING / Oakville website Yes
Laser CAN 213679 Macrae, Hugh KYC / Kingston Yes
Laser CAN 173996 McKenzie, Bill PBSC Yes
Laser USA 192938 Mienville, Darius LFS / Lake Forest Yes
Laser CAN 208550 Muru , Matti Toronto Yes
Laser CAN 212612 Norton, justin BYC Yes
Laser CAN 210716 Robin, Marc Andrew RSYLYC / Pointe Claire Yes
Laser CAN 214514 Ruitenberg, Luke Head of St Margaret' Yes
Laser USA 199544 Schoenherr, Gage USCGA / CLEARWATER Yes
Laser USA 204092 Sorensen, Andrew CPYC / Bridgeport Yes
Laser CAN 208069 Stranaghan, Matthew WVYC / West Vancouver Yes
Laser CAN 212861 Wachholz, Forrest BARRIE YC / barrie Yes
Laser CAN 209075 Welsh, Gord SLYC / PETERBOROUGH Yes
Radial female CAN 197586 Fertile, Madison FBYC / Ajax Yes
Radial female CAN 209676 Gilbey, Megan PCYC / Oakville Yes
Radial female CAN 207232 Gravely, Clara Toronto Yes
Radial female CAN 193298 Schropp, Madeleine FBYC / Ajax Yes
Radial female USA 210636 Toland, Talia RVYC/SYC / KIRKLAND Yes
Radial female CAN 212631 Vittecoq, Coralie Montreal-West website Yes
Radial open CAN 171660 Cao, Jiarui BHYC Yes
Radial open USA 212627 Cunningham, Aidan BLYC/LYC / Saddle River Yes
Radial open USA 194236 Escudero, Daniel LYC / AYC / Peachtree City Yes
Radial open CAN 215649 Fogh, Lucas PCYC / Mississauga Yes
Radial open CAN 182788 Hastings, Noah FBYC / Toronto Yes
Radial open CAN 214043 Johnson, Braden FBYC / Ajax Yes
Radial open USA 215728 Lapham, Griffin TRYC/MYC / New York Yes
Radial open CAN 203942 Lynn, Cameron BHYC/OST/RHYC / Burlington Yes
Radial open CAN 215666 Mahoney, Andrew TSCC / Toronto Yes
Radial open CAN 152994 Oszlak, Jordan RCYC / Oakville Yes
Radial open USA 211598 York, Patrick CRYC / Sewell Yes
Radial open USA 211597 York, Zachary CRYC / Sewell Yes