CORK OCR, Sail Canada Sr. Champs (Racing 18-21)

77 Entries for this Event
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Fleet Country Sail No. Skipper / Crew Club / Hometown Website Paid
49er CAN 216 Heinzemann, Alexander / Coleman, Edward Delta website Yes
49er CAN 760 Jones, Will / Depaul, Evan KYC / Jerseyville Yes
49er CAN 311 Cote, Thomas / Lloyd, Alexandre beaconsfield Yes
49er CAN 1185 Auger-Cyr, Myka / Morin, Hugo CVGR / Gatineau Yes
49er CAN 1168 Tosi, Nicolas / Tosi, Stephen HYC / Gatineau Yes
49er FX CAN 224 Richardson, Galen / Adair, Jake KYC/RCYC / Kingston Yes
49er FX CAN 1 Baird, Cameron / Baird, Alec RST.LYC / Beaconsfield Yes
49er FX CAN 22 Bonin, William / Bonin, Sam Yes
49er FX CAN TBD Chiu, Aidan / Moffat, Walker Markham website Yes
49er FX CAN 8 Flanagan, Timma / Ferreira, Ashley toronto Yes
49er FX CAN 812 Lewin-LaFrance, Georgia / Lewin-LaFrance, Antonia RNSYS / Chester Yes
49er FX CAN 514 Morgan, Arielle / Flanagan, Naomi RSTLYC/KYC / Westmount Yes
49er FX CAN 18 Rafuse, Erin / Parekh, Trevor RNSYS / Halifax Yes
49er FX CAN 821 Tenhove, Ali / Millen, Mariah KYC/RCYC / kingston Yes
49er FX CAN 712 Vinet , Sophie-Andrée / Vinet , Stephan RSLYC / Montreal Yes
49er FX USA 92 Wilmot, Lucy / Housberg, Nate RICHMOND YACHT / Orinda Yes
49er FX CAN 1463 Wilson, Patrick / Moffatt, Arie KYC / Kingston Yes
Finn CAN 11 cameron, jim TBYC / thunder bay Yes
Finn USA USA303 Chinburg, Joe UNION SAILING C / Arvada Yes
Finn USA USA 99 Fuccillo, Stephen RYC / Fort Lauderdale Yes
Finn CAN 15 Gallon, Quinton BYC / Ottawa Yes
Finn USA USA 3 Healy, Pat OHCC / Toronto Yes
Finn USA USA 0 Heimler, Charles US SAILING CENT / Berkeley Yes
Finn USA 24 Libcke, Will PYC Yes
Finn USA USA16 Mazin, Rodion USCG / Milford Yes
Finn CAN 7 Nicholson, Adam RCYC/OHCC / Bala Yes
Finn USA 35 Peck, Darrell BUCCANEER YACHT / Gresham Yes
Finn CAN 18 Ramshaw, Tom SLYC/RCYC / Toronto Yes
Finn USA USA 40 rudinsky, chuck Exeter Yes
Finn CAN 27 van Wonderen, Simon NYC / Toronto Yes
Finn USA USA44 Vivacqua Jr, Fabiano ICRJ / Coral Gables Yes
Laser FRA 203855 boite, alexandre Yes
Laser USA 157851 Boucher, Leo SSA / west river Yes
Laser CAN 206038 Bruce, Liam OST / PCYC / Oakville website Yes
Laser LCA 196309 chevrier, luc SAINT LUCIA YAC / dennery Yes
Laser CAN 206719 Collinson, Noah RCYC / Toronto Yes
Laser CAN 211542 Davis, Robert KYC/RCYC / Gananoque website Yes
Laser CAN 201240 Deschambeault, Denys MULTIVOILES 4 S / Trois-Rivieres Yes
Laser USA 211822 Didham, Paul MISSION BAY YAC / san diego Yes
Laser USA 199156 Duclos, Preston RWU / westport Yes
Laser USA 208410 Gordon, Richard Van Hov USCGA / Ridgefied Yes
Laser USA 209289 Hurley, Peter MYC / New York Yes
Laser CAN 210644 Juhasz, James ONTARIO SAILING / Oakville Yes
Laser USA 199796 Lamphere, Malcolm LGYC / CYC / Miami Yes
Laser CAN 7 Lovshin, Devlin NSC / Chelsea Yes
Laser CAN 213679 Macrae, Hugh KYC Yes
Laser USA 208838 matan, Mike RYA / new York Yes
Laser USA 210667 Mienville, Darius LAKE FOREST SAI / Lake Forest Yes
Laser CAN 208550 Muru, Matti BOULEVARD CLUB / toronto Yes
Laser CAN 212612 Norton, justin BYC Yes
Laser USA 15980 Robinson, Caleb SAILMAINE / Falmouth Yes
Laser CAN 209376 Ruitenberg, Luke RNSYS / Head of St Margaret' Yes
Laser USA 199544 Schoenherr, Gage USCGA / CLEARWATER Yes
Laser USA 204092 Sorensen, Andrew CPYC / Bridgeport Yes
Laser CAN 207227 Struthers, Norman RCYC / Toronto Yes
Laser CAN 209375 Vittecoq, Justin PCYC / Montreal-West Yes
Laser CAN 209616 Wachholz, Forrest BARRIE YC / barrie Yes
Laser CAN 209075 Welsh, Gord SLYC / Peterborough Yes
Laser USA 199944 Widmeier, Andy USCGA / Piipersville Yes
Laser USA 218644 Wilson, Gage ESC / Cape Coral Yes
Laser USA 180521 Zaleski, Marek NOROTON YC / norwalk website Yes
Radial female CAN 204468 Bowskill, Brenda RCYC / Whitby website Yes
Radial female PUR 166117 Corujo, Patricia San Juan Yes
Radial female CAN 206104 Douglas, Sarah ABYC / Toronto Yes
Radial female USA 176228 Ehnot, Lauren SURF CITY YACHT / Beach haven Yes
Radial female CAN 207232 Gravely, Clara OST/ABYC / Toronto Yes
Radial female USA 212634 Schmelz, Brooke SCYC Yes
Radial female CAN 212631 Vittecoq, Coralie PCYC / Montreal-West website Yes
Radial open CAN 139027 Bennett, Ryan Windsor Yes
Radial open USA 209318 Collins, Quinn SCYC / Summit Yes
Radial open CAN 134163 Gershman, Shawn RCYC/ABYC Yes
Radial open USA 190435 Gordon, Nielsen CEDAR POINT YAC / Ridgefied Yes
Radial open USA 194241 Green, Tom SCYC / MANAHAWKIN Yes
Radial open USA 199960 Hegarty, Clinton EBSF / Westport Yes
Radial open USA 213694 Modin, Patrick SSYC / Rumson Yes
Radial open CAN 178858 rivierre, antoine Québec Yes