Race Management Development –Recorder

Be paired with an experienced Chief Recorder for a multi-fleet race course.

Activities – Work side-by-side with the lead recorder for a course as they:

  • Assemble paperwork for the day
  • Record competitor check-ins
  • Record course setup details
  • Record line penaltiesand other start data
  • Record finishes
  • Transmit data to the scoring team
  • Record other events of significance (e.g. retirements, course changes)
  • File paperwork for the day
  • Verify line penalties properly scored
  • Assist scoring team in resolving inquiries


  • Provincially certified Assistant Race Officer
  • Physically capable of working on a small (5-8m) boat for up to 8 hours/day

Depending on the course configuration, assignment may include time on both start and finish boats over the duration of an event.

Please note that while in this development role you will also be functioning as a core part of the race management team, as a second recorder.  CORK will be able to reimburse travel or living expenses to standard CORK limits, but your club or your Provincial Sailing Association may be able to assist if you need to travel from further away.