2018 Clean Regattas Challenge

CORK, “Kingston’s Freshwater Sailing Festival” is reaching for Gold in 2018!  This will be CORK’s second year taking part in the Sailors for the Sea Clean Regattas challenge. This certification system promotes the protection of local waters by using selected Best Practices and then awarding Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum based on performance.

This summer CORK will be stepping up our recycling program by introducing OSKAR (On Site Kingston Area Recycler).  This unique City of Kingston mobile recycling system is used to collect recyclables and organics. OSKAR will be used in the boat park during CORK International, the largest event of the summer.  Just think of how many organics can be collected with hundreds athletes, coaches and volunteers on site!  We look forward to encouraging all participants to get in the habit and use OSKAR in its inaugural year!

CORK participants will again be encouraged to bring reusable water bottles to all training and regattas.  The ever popular Utilities Kingston Water Buggy will be onsite for all regattas this year.  This mobile water refilling station is always a well used feature in our athlete village.  Our ultimate goal is to eliminate single use water bottles.

Finally, alternative and active transportation to events made easy!   Kingston Transit Event Passes are available to all CORK participants and will be offered at a special event rate, providing a convenient and reliable way to get back and forth to Portsmouth Olympic Harbour, downtown Kingston and various accommodations throughout the city.

We are certain that our 2018 Clean Regatta’s goal will be met with the support of our community, including all CORK participants, The City of Kingston, Kingston Transit and Utilities Kingston.

Everyone up for the challenge?  Let’s achieve gold!

Further details about the Clean Regattas challenge can be found here:

Sailors for the Sea Clean Regattas


CORK hosts annual events in August and September. https://cork.org/event-schedule/

2018 schedule


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