BELOWDEX is pleased to sponsor The Internet Cafe for 2016’s CORK International Sailing Competitions. “We are looking forward to having front row seats to this action packed event, while introducing our recently launched Smartphone APP,” states company President Mark Marcelissen.

Developed and designed in Kingston, Ontario, BELOWDEX introduces the highly sought after “internet of things” concept into the world of personal watercraft and charter boating. Marcelissen remarks, “We were invited to showcase BELOWDEX at the 2016 International RFID JOURNAL LIVE Conference in Orlando, Florida, for its’ original concept and ease of use.” The Canadian Government is injecting 1.3 million dollars into safe boating initiatives by informing and verifying the boating public are well versed in the arena of responsible boating regulations. With minimal effort from the user, BELOWDEX aids in meeting and exceeding these requirements. Mark explains his inspiration for the time and money saving idea, “I looked at what we needed on our 31 ft. boat should we be boarded by authorities, or find ourselves in a precarious situation while out on the water. I started with the enforced safety list, and after lengthy conversations with members of Canadian Power and Sail, as well as U.S. Coastguard; a comprehensive list of over 40 items was compiled.  Personally, I didn’t want to spend the beginning of each cruise verifying that I had everything, or that I knew the exact location, or have to recheck the expiry dates. I looked at a way to use my Computing Engineering background to refine the process, making it faster, more precise, and to be absolutely honest, I wanted it to be fun!”

So how does it work? BELOWDEX provides rugged, compact, RFID tags that discretely adhere to items on a boat. Mark describes the process, “I simply step onto my boat, attach the handheld antenna to my Smartphone, launch the APP, and as I walk through the cabin BELOWDEX automatically generates a real time list as it locates, validates and ensures my boat is equipped to meet all safety standards in accordance with Transport Canada and US Marine Law.”

BELOWDEX is accurate in any Province or State – when you receive your BELOWDEX Antenna and initially launch the APP, it will prompt you for pertinent details such as province/state/boat size/colour/MMSI number. So each time you board your boat it automatically collates a list in accordance to your location. With RFID technology BELOWDEX then detects all equipment stored in cabinets and lockers without opening anything below deck! If a “validation failed” screen appears, it will indicate what is missing.  A neat feature, launch the “locate” option and the antenna will sound faster the closer you are to the item, even off the boat.

“I added a safety feature that saves a great deal of time – an automated “Float Plan.”

Before you leave shore the APP will prompt you to select your planned destination from a drop down menu, then enter the time you intend to arrive. It prompts you to enter the number of people onboard. A section allows you to make notes you feel necessary, like the route chosen, or passenger’s names. The very cool part is that the APP takes all the information you entered when you initially launched BELOWDEX (name/address/MMSI/boat make/colour/etc.) and emails all of this information to your emergency contact. Should you not arrive at your predicted location your personal contact will have all the answers to coastguard questions contained in the email, along with GPS coordinates.

BELOWDEX can also be customized. “Boaters can purchase additional RFID tag packages from us, then send a list of items they deem necessary for a good cruise and we will program the tags. So when they launch the APP, BELOWDEX will seek out their customized list as well,” explains Mark.

BELOWDEX is truly “your boat in the palm of your hand in real time”! BELOWDEX brings cruising into the 21st century.

Visit us during CORK competitions at the BELOWDEX Internet Cafe and check out the demo online.

Good luck to all the competitors at 2016 CORK events!