CORK/Sail Kingston is extremely pleased to announce the recipient of the Douglas A. Heath Award for 2024 is Stephen Monty!

Stephen Monty has been a CORK volunteer since 2009 starting out working on the ramps where he was always distinctive in his Foreign Legion hat. Stephen has served on the Board for over a decade as Board Secretary, member and then Chair of the Governance Committee, member of the Finance, Fundraising and HR Committees, Secretary as well as Chair of the annual Nominating Committee.  While not the official CORK lawyer, Stephen has lent his legal experience to detailed examination of a vast number of contracts, agreements, waivers, proxy forms and countless other documents. When provincial legislation (ONCA) required us to review and rewrite our by-laws, Stephen led us through the process that resulted in approval at our last annual meeting. On the way, his firm approach in consultation with lawyers kept our costs of this huge task to a minimum.
Stephen has supported CORK by personal financial contributions and he has been a central player in building strength and depth in the CORK organization and putting us on a good legal foundation. His commitment to CORK has been quietly exceptional for over more than a decade. Thank you, Stephen. You have exemplified the service called for in the deed of gift of the Douglas Heath Award and your selection as recipient is well deserved.  “Jamie Fraser, 2024 AGM”