Thank you to all of the members that attending CORK’s first ever virtual AGM!
It was so wonderful to see familiar faces and voices on the screen! We had members attend from across the country and it was great to see a few of our international members in attendance!
For those that were unable to attend a few thank yous and highlights include:
Thank you Nigel Heath for joining the meeting to introduce the Douglas Heath Award. Honouring Douglas Heath’s memory and celebrating our outstanding volunteers by awarding the Douglas Heath Award is an important tradition for the CORK AGM. Thank you to Rob Colwell for recognizing Blanche Battersby and Steve Brunsden for recognizing Ron Rubadeau.

“Thank everyone that I have worked with in my CORK experience.  It has been amazing! wonderful people!  positive attitudes!  Thank you to all of the people that I have worked with at CORK over the years…I spend my winters looking forward to coming to CORK!   It has always been a happy and enjoyable, fulfilling experience for me.”  Blanche Battersby

” I first heard about CORK more than 50 years ago when I dreamed of going to this mystical place as a competitor. Like many early life dreams, if never came to be. But years later, an opportunity came to be a volunteer at CORK….and I jumped at the chance….and what a rewarding experience it has been…And when people would ask about it I would passionately tell them about the magical place that remains as the Mecca for all those interested in our sport….I cherish those days spent in Kingston as I have known all previous honourees for this award. I am humbled to be in their number” Ron Rubadeau

Thank you Blanche and Ron for your immense contributions to CORK– This honour is so very well deserved!
A pause and moment of silence for volunteers Mabel Corlett, Ian Gow, Richard Howlett and Tim Irwin. Good sailing friends.
We celebrated the CORK volunteers for receiving the Sail Canada Chisholm Trophy for excellence in race management for the 4.7 and Radial Youth Worlds events in 2019.
We welcomed CORK’s 18 new members and recognized our dedicated volunteers for their long time service. Bronze, Silver and Gold volunteer service pins will be presented when we resume hosting events in person.
We celebrated four volunteers for their 25+ years of service The new additions to the Volunteer Service Honour Roll are Peter French, Sicotte Hamilton, Lyle
Merriam and Carole Pearcy. Congratulations all!
And yes all of the business on the agenda was taken care of. The minutes and board reports and Financial statements were reviewed, auditors were appointed.
Our Board members are:
Re-elected members Dominique Andry, Jamie Fraser, Pat Lymburner, Irene McNeill, Stephen Monty and Janice Wilby.
For continuation of term: Paul Brennan, Hugh Cowan and Gord Jenkins
New board members Tammy Coutu and Andy Roy
We are looking forward to a time when we can all get together in person. Our time before and after the meeting last night was a great reminder of how much we have missed seeing everyone this past year.
Thank you again for all of your support!
Take care
The CORK Team