Sponsorship Opportunities


We are currently seeking sponsors for the 2023 season!

Learn more about sponsorship opportunities below.  Feel free to contact us for more details or to request a detailed proposal.

Why sponsor CORK?

CORK has been hosting world class sailing events for over 50 years.  Learn more about CORK here.

Many opportunities exist for your brand or organization by leveraging the marketing power of CORK.

CORK is the ideal venue for enhancing your brand’s equity. By enabling effective brand activation and providing a strategic presence, CORK becomes the ideal marketing platform for reaching the extremely relevant and lucrative sailing demographic:

–          50% of sailors earn over $125,000 and nearly 20% earn over $225,000 annually.

–          52% are university educated and 40% hold post graduate degrees.

–          53% hold professional or managerial positions.

By becoming one of our valued sponsors, not only will you receive invaluable exposure to a targeted group of relevant consumers, but you will be associated with and directly contribute to the development of Canadian sailing from the youth to elite level.

CORK’s international profile and promotion of a healthy, active lifestyle that values the environment creates the perfect vehicle for influencing consumer perception, increasing brand resonance and enhancing corporate image while broadening brand exposure.

–  A relationship with CORK communicates the mutual embodiment of core values such as: sport, youth, health and the environment.

What do I get as a sponsor?

Opportunities may include, but are not limited to:

–          Corporate entertainment

–          Outdoor signage / Indoor signage

–          On the water signage

–          Area specific naming rights

–          Company story feature

–          Website feature

If you are interested in sponsoring CORK, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to discuss specific opportunities to sponsor CORK at various levels, and can provide detailed sponsorship materials upon request.