Monday, 15 August – Kingston

CORK International Sail Canada Youth Championship & 29er North American:  Day 1


CORK is thrilled to be hosting the CORK International Sail Canada Youth Championships, and the 29er North American Championship! During this event, we have welcomed 115 Radial Laser, 20 Standard Lasers, 3 Laser 4.7’s, 100 Class 420s, 7 Byte CII’s, and 30 29ers. There are over 400 sailors, coaches and supporters on site.


Day one began with low winds, as the first 29er race was abandoned and the Standard Lasers were on postponement. The wind increased to 14 knots from the west, then decreasing to 9 knots WSW by the end of competition.


Overall results after day 1:


Radial Yellow Fleet To be Posted





Radial Blue Fleet To be Posted





Radial Red Fleet To be Posted





Laser Standard

1st Sheppard ON

2nd Fitzgerald NS

3rd Bruce ON


C420 Yellow Fleet

1st Moffat/Wilson

2nd Roy/Gillis

3rd Snyder/Porter


C420 Blue Fleet

1st Lewin-LaFrance/Timmons

2nd Newhouse/Millar

3rd Sasarman/Sasarman



1st Stewart/Stewart ON

2nd Lyall/Wood BC

3rd Richardson/Riel ON


Byte CII

1st Parnell QC

2nd Hopkins ON

3rd Tran QC


Laser 4.7

1st Murdoch ON

2nd Cann ON

3rd Chambers QC


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