November 22, 2016

CORK Participants,

As many of you may know, a “visioning exercise” (public consultation) on the future of the Kingston Penitentiary (KP), the waterlot of Olympic Harbour and the building from which CORK operates today (POH) has been launched by the City of Kingston and the federal government.  Consultants (The Planning Partnership) have been hired to conduct this exercise.  A City webpage ( summarizes what has been done so far.

I want to direct your attention to that webpage where you will see that the consultants have come up with four “explorations” or sketches on how these properties might be developed.  Until 28 November, they are inviting public comment, particularly by completing the single question survey on that webpage.

The CORK leadership has been very much involved in this exercise since it started.  Despite that, we feel that only one or two of the four sketches as presented would allow the continued existence of CORK.  We have sent the consultants a modified version of each exploration that would support CORK, with explanatory notes and a document that attempts to present a CORK view of the future and our primary requirements.  All of that is attached.

While there is no commitment to implement the results of this exercise, we feel it is essential that there be sufficient provision for CORK as thinking hardens and decisions are eventually made.  We need to be heard!  Please review the documents attached here and the webpage, then complete the survey question, particularly the comments box.  Ideally, we would like to see that your comments support the position we have already submitted.

Thank you for your support.

Jamie Fraser

Board Chair

Explorations 1 to 4

Comments on Explorations

CORK Vision

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