Congratulations to all competitors who raced this weekend!
Thank you to parents and coaches for getting everyone to Kingston to compete in the CORK Fall Regatta.
Thank you CORK Volunteers for making everything happen!

C420 Overall

1st Krauss/White BYC

2nd Newhouse/Millar OST/RHYC

3rd Kittson/Baird RSTLYC


29er Overall

1st Savard/Riel-Brockie RCYC

2nd Chiu/McCutcheon RCYC

3rd Richardson/Yale RCYC


FX Overall

1st Morgan/Boyd RSTLYC/KYC

2nd Millen/Ten hove RCYC/KYC

3rd Surrette/Timmins


One of our youngest sailors this weekend, top Optimist White Fleet Blake Conod KYC


Optimist Blue fleet

1st Thomas Staples RSTLYC

2nd Andreas Steinitz BQYC

3rd Jean-Rene Kiekens Arana RSTLYC


Optimist Red fleet

1st Spencer Leman RCYC

2nd Georgia Phillips RCYC

3rd Eric Omielan RSTLYC


Optimist Top Girls

1st Georgia Phillips RCYC

2nd Carling Davies RCYC

3rd Paige Kittson RSTLYC


Optimist Top Ontario Sailor Congratulations! Spencer Leman RCYC


Top Optimist overall

1st Spencer Leman RCYC

2nd Georgia Phillips RCYC

3rd Thomas Staples RSTLYC

4th Andreas Steinitz BQYC

5th Eric Omielan RSTLYC


Radial Overall

1st Maxime Amyot RSTLYC

2nd Michael Thomas RSTLYC

3rd Dale Whitmore RHYC

Top Female in the Radial fleet Claire Sears RNSYS


Laser Standard Overall

1st Robert Davis KYC/RCYC

2nd Nathan Dunn RNSYS

3rd Luke Ruitenberg RNSYS