Race Management Development-Mark Layer

Be paired with an experienced, Sail Canada certified mark layer for an event.

Activities – Work side-by-side with a lead mark layer as they:

  • Prepare boat and equipment for the day, rigging marks, ground tackle, kellets, etc.
  • Use wind measuring equipment and VHF to report on wind
  • Use GPS to determine where boat should go and mark locations relative to course reference
  • Set, adjust, and retrieve marks (could be windward, pin, or gate marks depending on assignment)
  • Manoeuver boat for and record mark roundings
  • Signal course changes (depending on need and assignment)
  • Shorten courses and record finishes (depending on need and assignment)


  • Provincially certified Assistant Mark layer

Sail Canada certified Mark layer

  • Physically capable of retrieving 10 kg anchors in 20m of water
  • Physically capable of working on a 5-8m boat for up to 8 hours/day

Where possible, those who are Sail Canada certified Mark layers would be assigned to a trapezoid course.

In your expression of interest, please indicate your current certification level, and if there’s any particular part of a course (gate, outer loop, windward, pin) that you would prefer to gain more experience with.

Please note that while in this development role you will also be functioning as a core part of the mark layer team, as the second person on the mark boat.  CORK will be able to reimburse travel or living expenses to standard CORK limits, but your club or your Provincial Sailing Association may be able to assist if you need to travel from further away.