Race Management Development-Scorer

Be paired with an experienced lead Scorer for a multi-fleet race course, and also work with the Chief Scorer for event.

Activities – Work side-by-side with the lead scorer for a course as they:

  • Set up Sailwave race files the day before the event starts
  • Import competitor data into files
  • Prepare and print Sign-in/Sign-out sheets, Competitor Lists, Scratch Sheets and Flight Splits
  • Race/start data input and results posted for at least one race course
  • Highlight discrepancies for follow-up with Recorders
  • Input jury decision codes
  • Deal with competitor scoring inquiries
  • Rescore series after all changes recorded, post data, reassign fleet splits as necessary and post all appropriate material
  • Attend Race Management Team, Volunteer and Coach’s morning briefings
  • File paperwork for the day


  • Some experience scoring events using Sailwave

Please note that while in this development role you will be also be functioning as a core part of the scoring team.CORK will be able to reimburse travel or living expenses to standard CORK limits, but your club or your Provincial Sailing Association may be able to assist if you need to travel from further away.