CORK is celebrating our 50th!

This summer CORK, Kingston’s Freshwater Sailing Festival, will strive for Gold in the Sailors for the Sea  Clean Regattas initiative!

Since 1969 there have been significant changes to how we care for our local waterways and the environment .  We would all like to continue to enjoy our natural resources for years to come.  The Sailors for the Sea Clean Regattas challenge promotes the protection of local waters by awarding certifications of Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum based on selected Best Practices.

The CORK 50 Green Team has taken on the challenge of Gold certification again this season. OSKAR (On Site Kingston Area Recycler) was a hit in 2018 and will return to Portsmouth Olympic Harbour for 2019.  This unique City of Kingston mobile recycling system diverts recyclables and compostables.  CORK 50 challenges all participants to use OSKAR !

Utilities Kingston Water Buggy returns for all 2019 regattas.  CORK Participants are encouraged to bring reusable water bottles and refill at the Water Buggy and the City of Kingston water filling station. Together we can eliminate single use water bottles!

Alternative and active transportation to events is easier than ever!    With most accommodations less than 4 kilometres away it’s simple to bike or walk to Portsmouth Olympic Harbour!   Kingston Transit Passes are also available to all CORK participants and are offered at a special event rate, providing a convenient and reliable way to move between Portsmouth Olympic Harbour, downtown Kingston and various accommodations throughout the city.

CORK 50 challenges all participants to your part!

Let’s do this together!

Further details about the Clean Regattas challenge can be found here: