Welcome to the first day of CORK OCR Sail Canada Senior Championships!

We began the day with a great opening welcome with guests including Kingston’s Town Crier Chris Whyman, Kingston City Councillor Peter Stroud, Canadian Sailing Team Member Sarah Douglas reading the Athlete’s Oath and long time CORK volunteer Mike Dawson reading the Official’s Oath.

We had a great day of sailing, with shifting winds ENE to NE and wind strength ranging from 11-13 knots.

The Laser Standard and Radial fleets completed 4 races, the Finn fleet completed 3 races, the 49er and 49erFX fleets completed 5 races and the J/24 fleet completed 4 races.


Laser Class

1st-Lamphere USA

2nd-Davis CAN

3rd-Boite FRA

4th-Bruce CAN

5th-Macrae CAN


Radial Class

1st-Gravely CAN

2nd-Vittecoq CAN

3rd-Ehnot USA

4th-Douglas CAN

5th-Collins USA


Finn Class

1st-Ramshaw CAN

2nd-Martin CAN

3rd-Mazin USA

4th-Peck USA

5th-Gallon CAN


49er Class

1st-Jones/DePaul CAN

2nd-Tosi/Tosi CAN

3rd-Lloyd/Cote CAN



49erFX Class

1st-Baird/Baird CAN

2nd-Bonin/Bonin CAN

3rd-Tenhove/Millen CAN

4th-Wilson/Moffat CAN

5th-Heinzemann/Coleman CAN


Thank you to the CORK volunteer team for all of your work on the water and ashore today!


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