The Etchells and the Olsons completed 4 races.  Here are the overall standing after Day one of racing:


Etchells Overall Day 1

1 Andrew Cumming, Brian Kamiliar, Tom Cumming, Chloe Congourdeau

2 Dirk Knuelman, Hank Lammens, John Clark

3 Paul Sustronk, Andy Roy, Paddy Rolston

Full Results here


Olson 30 NA’s Day 1 overall

1 Ritalin- Mike Hull, Connor MacKenzie, Sam Thompson, Zac Baum, Matti Muru, Clifton Kantner

2 Investor’s Group-Ben Rotteveel, Bruce Anderson, John Giles, John Hinton, John Grass, Kathleen Bailey

3 Boom- Scott Lyons, Scot Mundle, Frank Egan, Chrystal Wilson, Breck McFarlane, Clarissa Cote


Full Results here