CORK is thrilled to be hosting the 2017 Laser Canadian Championship, the CORK International Optimist Regatta, and the CORK International Board Regatta! During this event, we have welcomed 71 Radial Laser, 48 Standard Lasers, 7 Laser 4.7s, 163 Optimists, and 18 Boards. There are over 500 sailors, coaches and supporters on site!

Wind today peaked around 11AM and slowly diminished as the day went on. On the Charlie course, all Laser fleets were successful in completing 3 races. On the Mike course each board division completed 2 races and the Optimist Green Fleet completed three races. Lastly on the Optimist Championship course both the Yellow and Blue flights got off two races.

After a great day of racing, the overall results are:


Laser Standard Fleet:

1st  Scott Rasmussen

2nd Hugh Macrae

3rd Forrest Wachholz


Laser Radial Fleet

1st Coralie Vittecoq

2nd Tayte Stefaniuk

3rd Gavin McJones


Laser 4.7 Fleet

1st Maia Kazmer-Shishis

2nd Benjamin Valcourt

3rd   Charles Savard



Optimist Championship Fleet

1st Sebastian Kempe

2nd Peter Foley

3rd Laura Hamilton



RSX 8.5 Division

1st Olivia Mew

2nd Owen Sewell

3rd Anthony Swaelens


RSX 9.5 Division

1st Max Robinson

2nd Tim Walker

3rd Zane Feder


Race Board Division

1st Nick Cox

2nd Artem Lavrynenko

3rd Andree Gauthier


Techno 293 Division

1st Ronnie Van-Ham

2nd Philip Menard

3rd Deanie Hardin


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CORK Regatta Office: (613)-545-1322


Address: 53 Yonge Street, Kingston Ontario