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Friday July 22nd  2016 – Kingston

Etchells Canadians & Olson 30 North Americans: Day 1


This weekend CORK is hosting boats from Canada the US and New Zealand at the Etchells Canadian and Olson 30 North American Championships.  We had a hot and sunny start to the day with 29˚C temperature. Wind was 13 Knots WSW at launch, but increased to 20 Knots by the first gun, and stayed steady throughout the afternoon. The wind shifted to W for the final race of the day.


In the Etchells fleet overall standings are Jerry Wendt on Northern Etchells (NYC) in 3rd,  Mark Fleckenstein on Zehn (SSC) in 2nd and leading the fleet is Dirk Kneulman on Skanky Gene (RCYC).


In the Olson 30 fleet overall standings are Scot Laughton on Boom (APSC) in 3rd,  Ben Rotteveel on Investors Group (CBYC) and leading the fleet is Bruce Rand (Odessa)


Tomorrow’s racing will start at 11:00 am, with the Etchells fleet course racing and the Olson 30 fleet competing in a long distance race.
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