Welcome to the fourth and final day of racing for CORK International and the 29er North American Championship!

After a week that gave us many different weather conditions, Radial Gold fleet completed 7 races, Radial Silver fleet completed 6 races, Radial Bronze fleet completed 5 races, 4.7 fleet completed 7 races, c420 Gold fleet completed 7 races, c420 Silver fleet completed 6 races and the 29er fleet completed 10 races.

Overall Radial Results:

1st-Hunter Dejean

2nd-Harrison Bruce

3rd-Benjamin George

4th-Thad Lettsome

5th-Michael Pinto

6th-Oliver van Rossem


Overall 4.7 Results:

1st-Spencer Leman

2nd-Alexander Roy

3rd-Isabel Foy

4th-Sullivan Nakatsu


Overall 29er Results:

1st-Eric Loyal and Andrew Moreno

2nd-Jake Adair and Galen Richardson

3rd-Thomas and William Staples

4th-Ross Thompson and Ethan Kinsman

5th-Nelson Fretenburg and William Mendham


Overall c420 Results:

1st-Ben Mosher and William Burch

2nd-Timma Flanagan and Bryanna Carson

3rd-Molly Matthews and Maren Matthews

4th-Hyla Mosher and Aird Nesbit

5th-Wil Peters and Matthew Tiplady

6th-Emma Sampson and Ekin Berktay


Top Canadian Single Handed Male Hans Fogh Trophy-Harrison Bruce

Top Canadian Single Handed Female Hans Fogh Trophy-Hunter Dejean

Top Double Handed Female Team Hans Fogh Trophy-Timma Flanagan and Bryanna Carson

Top Double Handed Male Team Hans Fogh Trophy-Ben Mosher and William Birch


Results found here: https://cork.org/2018-results/


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