Both the Etchells and Olson fleets completed their final two races of the series today.

Tight points between the leaders meant that everything was on the line, and after a great day of racing the champions were decided in both fleets.

Etchells Canadian Championship Final Results:

1 Andrew Cumming, Brian Kamiliar, Tom Cumming, Chloe Congourdeau

2 Dirk Knuelman, Hank Lammens, John Clark

3 Roland van Hazel, Christina Medland, Ezra Culver

Full Results here



Olson 30 North American Championship Final Results:

1 Ritalin- Mike Hull, Connor MacKenzie, Sam Thompson, Zac Baum, Matti Muru, Clifton Kartner

2 O Naturel- Bruce Rand, George Jackson, Ann Rand, Ania Krazewski, Shirley Wildenbeast, James Colburn

3 Investor’s Group-Ben Rotteveel, Bruce Anderson, John Giles, John Hinton, John Grass, Kathleen Bailey

Full Results here

Congratulations to all of the competitors and we look forward to seeing you back at CORK soon!