(photos and story submitted by Sarah Douglas)



My first CORK was in 2004, I was 10 years old and I was racing the Optimist with the Lake Ontario Optimist Team. I finished 39th overall of 90 competitors. I remember fearing the windy days but having a blast with my friends.



(CORK 2004)


My highlight has always been eating ice cream from White Mountain after racing.




(CORK 2006)





(CORK 2006 with LOOT team)


From 2004, I raced a few more CORK regattas in the Optimist improving from year to year before moving to the Laser Radial where I found the racing more challenging. I have also coached some of the Opti CORKs when I was the ABYC Race Team Coach in 2012 and 2013.


I have raced a total of 12 CORK regattas and have so many great memories of my time in Kingston and racing with so many of my friends.



(CORK 2016)



I am now a National team athlete training for the Toyko 2021 Olympics.  Keep up to date with what I’m up to each month in my Olympic Campaign to Tokyo 2020. To ensure you don’t miss out, sign up on my website: https://www.sarahdouglassailing.com






(CORK 2018-racing at the CORK Olympic Classes Regatta/Sail Canada Senior Championships)



(Sarah and National teammates helping out with the prize giving during the 2018 CORK International Sail Canada Youth Championships)



Wind Athletes Canada



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