Looking for a Charter Boat?  Have an additional boat that you would like to charter?  Whether it is a sailboat, motorboat or rib the CORK website is a great resource to help you to find what you are looking for. 

 If you have a boat for charter, or need to charter a boat, please email the following information to sail@cork.org 

1). Type of boat, year, manufacturer (if applicable) and equipment that is and is not included.

2). Dates of Availability

3). Boat’s location (is it at POH/CORK or is the pick up at another location?)

4). Contact Information

5). Price/Charter Fee


Charter listings here:



CORK hosts annual events in August and September.  The 2017 schedule is posted online.

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CORK websitewww.cork.org

CORK Regatta Office: (613)-545-1322