Thank you, CORK Volunteers

We extend a sincere thank you to each of you for your time, effort and commitment. Your enthusiasm and professionalism as the CORK volunteer team have made Kingston the freshwater sailing capital of the world.

Each time an opportunity presents itself CORK volunteers rise to the challenge!   This spring is no exception.  Regatta preparations have already been taking place with several of our volunteer teams.   The CORK Board has been busy developing new procedures and planning exciting events for the future.  The site team has spent the winter readying equipment and is now prepping boats for launch.   The admin team continues to work on summer plans and initiatives.  Over the past few weekends there have been Race Officer training,  Sailwave training seminars and a safety team meeting.    The entire CORK team is ramping up for the 2017 regatta season.

These teams all play an important role in having CORK recognized internationally as a world class organization.  As a CORK volunteer, you have much to be proud of!  Your efforts make this all possible!  Thank you.

CORK Board of Directors