We celebrate you, the members of the CORK team, every day and especially during this National Volunteer Week!


We are reminded of your commitment to CORK everyday when we look at the 1976 Olympic Cairn for Sailing from the Montreal Games located just outside the building at Portsmouth Olympic Harbour.  This cairn was part of the Olympic flame Tetrahedron located out on the break wall and is “Dedicated to the many Citizens of Kingston and volunteers from everywhere whose hard work supported the Sailing Events held at this venue, and who have supported CORK events since its inception in 1969.  June 2007

Thank you to our incredible CORK volunteer team!
CORK’s virtual AGM was a wonderful opportunity to thank all of the volunteers and members for their continued commitment to CORK and the sport of sailing.  Here are a few highlights:

THE TIM IRWIN AWARD FOR EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE was given out for the first time this year.  

“Tim Irwin’s service to CORK began with the first CORK regatta in 1969 when he wrote the program for scoring. It continued in a variety of roles and reached a high point in 2005 when he took on the roles of both Board Chair and Operations Chair. In those positions, Tim led the organization to bid for and deliver the 2007 ISAF Youth World Championships – the largest youth sailing competition in the world. This was in addition to CORK’s four annual regattas and an average of one world championship each year during his leadership. His dedication and effort have been acknowledged by prominent awards at the community, provincial and national levels, a truly rare accomplishment. CORK’s reputation, popularity and impact has everything to do with volunteers who have, year after year, served the sailors, parents and coaches. Leading the way for so many years was Tim Irwin. His dedication to CORK and the sport of sailing was in a class of its own. He was the embodiment of the CORK volunteer spirit.

The award is intended to recognize volunteers who have been of exceptional service to CORK in one or more areas of endeavour. It may be a continued effort over a number of years, or it may be an exceptional effort over a single year.”

Brian Brooks was presented with this award by CORK’s Board Chair Jamie Fraser:    









(Brian Brooks left, Larry Smith Center, Jamie Fraser right)

Congratulation Brian!

Next up, thank you to Nigel Heath for joining the meeting to introduce the Douglas Heath Award.   Honouring Douglas Heath’s memory and celebrating our outstanding volunteers by awarding the Douglas Heath Award is an important tradition for the CORK AGM. Thank you to Janice Wilby for recognizing 2020 recipient of the Heath award Suzanne Hamilton.

Thank you, Suzanne, for your immense contributions to CORK– This honour is so very well deserved!
A pause and moment of silence for volunteers and friends including Sheila Murphy  and one of CORK’s founders Doug Keary. Good sailing friends.
We welcomed CORK’s 18 new members and recognized our dedicated volunteers for their long time service. Bronze, Silver and Gold volunteer service pins will be presented when we resume hosting events in person.

 Bronze service award pins for:

Terry Karaim
Tim Noble
Thomas Shenstone
Indraneel Shinde
Sandeep Sinha
Jamie Sutherland
Pauline Sutherland
Janice Wilby
Nancy Zangerle


Silver pin service pins for:

Jim Albert 
Eric Feigel 
David MacKinnon 
Stephen Monty 
Katie Nicoll 
We celebrated four volunteers for their 25+ years of service!  The new additions to the Volunteer Service Honour Roll are:
Jim Beckett
Rosemary Helmer
Gary Howard  
Bruce Pearcy

Congratulations all!
And yes all of the business on the agenda was taken care of. The minutes, board reports and Financial statements were reviewed, auditors were appointed  and a new Board elected.

For Continuation of term:   

  • Dominique Andry 
  • Tammy Coutu 
  • Jamie Fraser  
  • Pat Lymburner    
  • Stephen Monty 
  • Andy Roy 
  • Janice Wilby 


  • Paul Brennan 
  • Gord Jenkins 

New board members:

  • Jessica Lombard
  • Joe Leung
Jamie thanked the outgoing board members Hugh Cowan and Irene McNeil for their immense service.
It was heartwarming to see so many familiar faces from across the country and a few international members in attendance!   This annual event continues to be an important way to celebrate the CORK team.
We are really looking forward to a time when we can all get together in person.
Thank you again for all of your support!
Take care
The CORK Team